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Located in Glendora, California, near Pasadena and within Los Angeles County, The Retreat Recovery and Wellness Centers specializes in detoxification from chemical dependency caused by pharmaceutical medications. Our clients have suffered from accidents and injuries that required pain and anxiety medications which, after time, cause a physical requirement and increased dosage to achieve the same results. Our medically supervised program allows those suffering from addiction to achieve detoxification in a serene, medically supervised environment created by medical and mental health professionals. We make the detoxification process as comfortable and painless as possible, catering to their individual needs. Our program focuses on the client’s mind, body, and spirit, as well as the addiction to not only get back the life they once had, but to improve their complete well-being and productivity.

The Retreat Detox & Recovery From Prescription Drugs

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High End Prescription Detox in California

The Retreat caters to professionals and adults looking to regain control of what was once their everyday life. Our screening process allows us to select clients who we feel will create the best support system for our current clients during their 7 to 14 day stay. The Retreat respects all sources of treatment for addiction. Unlike most treatment centers, our “outcome based” modality model of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is our primary treatment focus and is introduced the first day after intake with a personal mental health therapist through individual and group sessions teaching specialized skills to assist clients with daily struggles in lieu of medication. Our center treats the entire body through a variety of the latest breakthrough services to aid in the detoxification process. Upon discharge, clients will be provided referral to their local DBT specialists to continue treatment after detox.

High End Detox From Prescription Drugs

Often times referred to as “Medical Detox Services” by those seeking help from their drug & alcohol addictions, The Retreat Wellness & Recovery is situated in the serene, exclusive community of Arcadia, California near the San Gabriel Mountains. Each client is given their own private suite with 24-hour professional care, private holistic chef, and a peaceful nature environment to aid in the healing process. Our facilities do not feel like treatment centers, but rather like a “retreat” resort setting where anyone is welcome who needs to take a break from their hectic schedule and recharge.

Detox From Prescription Drugs
High End Detox From Prescription Drugs