An Exquisite Place for a Fresh Start

Located within the plush and exquisite landscape of Arcadia’s San Gabriel Mountains, The Retreat Recovery & Wellness Centers offers clients a one-of-a-kind residential environment that merges excellence in clinical care with a myriad of elements often unseen within the scope of addiction treatment services. Having created a finely tuned medical detox solution for those struggling with prescription drugs, we then augment the core recovery program with a luxuriously appointed private residence that offers an extensive array of executive-level comforts.

For those familiar with Southern California and its many prestigious areas, specifically in and around Los Angeles County, there is a common awareness of a lifestyle that reaches new heights in many respects. In that spirit, The Retreat has set out to create much more than just another detox and treatment solution. In addition to the utmost in elegance, charm and privacy, we further guide each client with a broad-scope of individual support services, of which are greatly enhanced given Southern California’s vastly expansive addiction and mental health recovery networks. From holistic and nutritional support, to spirituality and cognitive based treatment services, and even some world renowned faith-based support systems for those seeking it, The Retreat Recovery & Wellness Centers go to great lengths to ensure the client’s needs are met on every possible level.

This isn’t just another medical detox or drug treatment center where comforts and luxury trump clinical care. This is an all-encompassing solution designed around rebuilding you for today AND tomorrow. We welcome you to a home that is here to serve as a gateway into a life of health, happiness and sobriety that for many, has been thus far unattainable. We open up our hearts, our skill and our commitment to you, that your experience here will truly be something special!